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Welcome to Lottie’s Kitchen, a warm, friendly place. The table is set with a white cloth, Bubbe’s mother’s dishes and beautiful old-fashioned silverware. Never mind that the glasses don’t all match perfectly and that some of the serving platters are slightly chipped along the edges. What matters is that we are here together, ready to sit down to a wonderful family meal. If it’s Friday night or a holiday, the candles are lit and a beautiful challah sits in its place of honor in the middle of the table. Please join us in a glass of wine as we begin this meal together.

You are a very important part of this gathering. We need you to taste our offerings, to let us know what you think of them, to give us suggestions and some favorite Jewish recipes of your own. We are a work in progress. Over time, our pages will fill with more recipes and articles about cooking, both in general and specifically Jewish.

We would like to make you a part of our family. Our e-mail address is .  We promise (b"n) to read every e-mail you send us, to peruse every recipe. We cannot promise to use all of them and we do reserve the right to edit them as necessary for content and space available, but we are sure that you understand.

Please browse and nosh to your heart’s content. Make yourself at home. Lottie and Lester are so glad that you came…there was always room for one more at their table and no one ever left hungry. We hope you will return time and time again, to watch us grow and to help us celebrate all of life’s occasions that bring us to Bubbe Lottie’s table.

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